Spay and Neuter

Beavercreek Animal Hospital Spay and Neuter Prices

All patients having surgery will receive high quality care and we will not compromise our care even if it’s a feral or stray animal. All patients will receive a pre-surgical exam on day of surgery, individualized anesthesia protocols, body temperature maintenance during surgery and recovery, monitoring of vital signs (heart rate, Respiration, oxygen levels and blood pressure) pain medication in clinic and pain medication to go home. All pets receive IV Catheters and fluids. Pre-anesthetic bloodwork is not required until the age of 5, but always recommended for all age pets. Please call us with any questions.


Cat Spay and Neuter:
Female Spay…..$180
Male Neuter…..$90
Dog Spay and Neuter:

Female Dog spay

0- 15 lbs…..$205 61-90lbs…..$265
16-30 lbs…$225 91-120 lbs…$285
31-60 lbs…$245 121-150 lbs…$305

Male Dog Neuter
0-15 lbs ……$145 61-90 lbs….$175
16-30 lbs…$155 91-120 lbs…$185
31-60 lbs….$165 121-150 lbs..$195
*Pregnant animals will be considered on an individual basis, with additional charge. Females over 30
days pregnant will need to reschedule after they have given birth and have weaned their young.

*We do not spay dogs in heat due to medical risk to patient. Dogs in heat will need to wait 2 weeks after
their heat cycle has ended to be spayed.

*Distemper and Rabies vaccines are required to be current for all pets. Please bring in vaccine history at
drop off. If vaccines are not current they can be given to your pet the same day of the surgery.
FVRCP….$27 DH PP…..$27 DHLPP….$31 Rabies….$30

*Gladly accept Visa/MC/DC/AE, Debit cards and Care credit. Sorry, no checks.