• Spay and neuter
  • Mass removals
  • Eye surgeries- Entropion and cherry eye repair
  • Ear surgeries- Aural Hematomas

Pre op care instructions:

The night before surgery no food after midnight

Your pet may have water through the night before surgery

Drop off for dentals and mass removals are 8am

Drop off for spays and neuters are 8am-9am

When you drop off there is paperwork to be filled out. Please leave time 15 minutes to drop off your pet. If you are on a time crunch please make arrangements to do paperwork prior to surgery.

Post op care instructions:

Each client will be sent home with special after care instructions for your pet. Once the pet leaves our care it is very important for the owner to be compliant with the after care at home. These are a few main things for aftercare from surgery.

Keep your pet indoors after surgery

No running, jumping or climbing stairs of any kind

Leash walk your dog to go potty

No swimming or bathing for 14 days post-surgery

Check incisions daily for redness, swelling or discharge. If you see any of these please schedule a recheck.

Your pet cannot lick at the incision. Please keep an E-collar (cone of shame) on your pet for 10-14 days.